willowcurves about me

Hi my name is Amy. You might know me as willowcurves.

I love fashion and make up. And I have pink hair.

I’m a Tassie girl who has spent some time in Perth and now I’m back on the East coast in Melbourne.

I would describe my blog as bold and vivid plus size styling with colour, pattern and sparkle. I think my style is feminine and fun, and sparkle! The more the better!

I’m so pleased to have you here!

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Do you do your hair yourself? What dye do you use? How do you get pastel hair?

I have a youtube video all about how I do my hair and maintenance. I used La Riche Directions dye because it’s cheap and they have a great colour range, I add lots of conditioner to turn it pastel. I re-dye about every 2 weeks and do my roots about every 6 weeks

How are you so confident?

I think there are 2 keys to body confidence. Care more about your own opinion – love yourself (I know it’s not always easy) and follow your gut. If you love something, wear it! If you’re not sure you can pull it off wear it around the house a couple of times before you venture out so you can get used to it. The other key to body confidence is to care less about other’s opinions. Haters gonna hate!