Restyle2015 – Metallic

As soon as I saw the metallic prompt I knew I wanted to wear this great vintage jacket (also worn here). I wore two versions of this outfit with green trousers for when I was meeting with my big boss and needed to look a little professional with pink disco pants as part of a […]

Restyle2015 – 90’s

I almost wore this dress for Restyle2015 90’s but a couple of weeks before the challenge kicked off I got these second hand authentic 90’s highwaisted jeans. They’re deliciously daggy! I added a little splash of leopard print, a crop top and faux leather jacket and I was 90’s ready. I got a few funny […]

Restyle2015 – Polkadot

When I found this dress at Vinnies North Hobart I knew I wanted to wear it for Restyle2015 but I couldn’t decide if it was better for the polkadot prompt or the 90’s prompt. But here we are. This vintage 90’s a-line rayon dress is the most easy to wear piece, and it effortlessly creates […]

Glam Grunge – 90’s Plus Size

I’m back with the second part to my 90’s posts, find the first one here. I’m calling this 90’s Glam Grunge. I’m not sure if that’s actually a thing but the second I put on shiny leggings/disco pants I feel so glam! For this outfit I was channelling a bit of Gwen Stefani glam with […]

90’s Plus Size Grunge

With the return of the 90’s (I keep seeing acid wash, tartan and chokers EVERYWHERE) I thought it would be fin to style up some outfits. So here’s my take on 90’s Plus Size Grunge. I styled two different outfits, so keep an eye out for the second post coming later this week. I started […]