Swim: Summer ready with City Chic

With Summer just around the corner, and the weather (finally) starting to warm up here in Melbourne I wanted to bring you a series of posts with different plus size and inbetweenie swimwear options. And to kick it off, who else but City Chic. City Chic always manage to get it right with their swimwear, […]

City Chic CCX activewear review

I’m not a gym goer. Never have been, doubt I ever will be. Treadmills and rowing machines are just not my thing (although I do love playing on the elliptical!). But there are a million ways to be active, and whatever way you want to be active the new City Chic CCX plus size activewear […]

City Chic – Meet Mila & Eden

I’m here today with a post showing you two new lingerie sets from City Chic* As a woman in today’s body conscious society it’s scary to put yourself out there, but also exhilarating to be proud of your body, regardless of shape or size. So here are some scary and exhilarating pictures I took with two new […]