Halcyon Day SS16 – Hope and Harvest

There are many reasons I’m pleased I moved to Melbourne: the culture, the people, the endless number of things to see and do. But one of the most wonderful things has to be that Melbourne is the epicentre of Australian plus size fashion. Plus size activists, bloggers, influencers, designers and brands are abundant here and […]

Restyle2015 – Donate

Well the last 21 days has flown by! And Restyle2015 has been so much fun to participate in, making me stretch my style and helping me to rediscover some items hiding deep in my wardrobe! I love to buy from op shops – it’s cost effective, it’s original, it’s fun and it helps those in […]

Restyle2015 – Glam

Now I think my middle name should have been glam, or at least sequin! So when I saw the Restyle2015 glam prompt I knew instantly that I was going to have problems narrowing it down. When ever I’m op shopping I’m always on the look out for sequins or special occasion wear. Those items are […]

Restyle2014 – Recap

On the eve of Restyle2015 starting I thought I’d do a quick recap of Restyle2014. Restyle2014 was held for the entire month of August in 2014, I had just started my Instagram 2 months before and I had just hit 200 followers! It feels like so long ago! I was already an avid op shopper […]

Thrifted Thursday – gown

Is it strange that every time I go to a thrift shop I go straight for the daggy 90’s prom dresses? I love the poofy A-Line skirts and don’t even get me started on the silk taffeta which changes colour when you move it. Sets my heart a flutter. I’ve never found the perfect dress, […]