Ruby and Lilli – Champagne Bubbles 3 ways

Ruby and Lilli the Australian extended size tee brand are going from strength to strength. Great quality, sizes XS to 6X and regular releases of awesome limited edition tees. I love the mix of short and long sleeve, designs and staples, foil and sequins. I just knew I had to have the Champagne Bubbles tee […]

Restyle2015 – Donate

Well the last 21 days has flown by! And Restyle2015 has been so much fun to participate in, making me stretch my style and helping me to rediscover some items hiding deep in my wardrobe! I love to buy from op shops – it’s cost effective, it’s original, it’s fun and it helps those in […]

Restyle2015 – Fringe

What a busy day! Jess (@j1987t) and I got up before dawn to drive to Ballarat for the A Plus Market (click here to read an interview I did) so I could have a stall to sell some of my clothes. It wasn’t a very busy day and I look forward to participating in another market […]

Restyle2015 – Metallic

As soon as I saw the metallic prompt I knew I wanted to wear this great vintage jacket (also worn here). I wore two versions of this outfit with green trousers for when I was meeting with my big boss and needed to look a little professional with pink disco pants as part of a […]

Restyle2015 – Floral

I was spoilt for choice when it came to the Restyle2015 floral prompt – op shops are full to bursting with every type of floral imaginable, from retro to daggy and from chic to funky. For this day I decided to wear a vintage Katies wrap dress with some pink tights to keep warm and […]

Restyle2015 – Black on Black

What are the chances that the only colour specific prompt would fall on a Wednesday?! Because you all know that on Wednesday’s we wear pink. On top of the distinct lack of pink I had to work out how to Amy-ify an all black outfit – I don’t often wear all black for 2 reasons: […]